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How to care for healthy and beautiful hair

Since I can remember it, I only complained about my hair. Because they are too thin, because the ends are dry, because the ends are split, because they are eternally slapping me, because they get tangled and the bane of recent months - they electrify. I grow them forever and dissatisfied with the "drowning" effect (my grandmother said), i.e. long, tangled pods. The shorter the better.

And what did I really do for my hair? For the last year? Two? All my life

Eternal dyeing. Yes, for many years the metamorphosis was my middle name. Once blond, sometimes black, sometimes red. Dyed at home and at the hairdresser, too often and too violently. Straightened with a straightener or twisted with hot rollers, and even perms. Seriously!!!

Nutrition? Nooo, after the conditioner it completely "flaps" me, they are so heavily loaded. So conditioner only for the holidays, and every day only shampoo, jerking off with a comb, brush and dryer. It's best to use a round brush to roll, brew and boil your hair. Everything is done to reflect them, so that they do not fall down and that it seems that I have a little more, for a while. And for all this varnish. A lot.

Delighted with the beautiful hair that I have recently passionately admired on the Internet and Instagram, I decided to stop whining about mine and finally take care of it!

This is a perfect moment, because before pregnancy I completely stopped dying them, so I have a completely natural color and the hair is not damaged by paints.

I started nursing with education. Have you read the composition of a standard hair shampoo? One from drugstores or even from a pharmacy? One for PLN 5 and PLN 35? In 99% of cases, Sodium Laureth Sulfate leads the way. That is synthetic detergents, which have been used for a long time in the industry for ... cleaning and degreasing floors and machines. Yummy! Thanks to them, the shampoo foams better. What about the fact that the skin after it is irritated and dry? That they are harmful? That they disturb the entire hydrolipid balance? That they accumulate in the body reaching sky-high levels?

And conditioners consisting primarily of silicones, which instead of nourishing the hair just stick the hair, preventing the penetration of nutrients, camouflaging their imperfections?

Yes ... you could find all these cosmetics on my shelf. Even those from pharmacies like KLORANE based on hinin or Dermen ... unfortunately SLS everywhere and harmful substances.

So I decided to learn more about hair care. Here, Ania ANWEN's blog How to take care of my hair came to my aid. I devote a lot of time to him over the past few weeks. It is thanks to him that the Oil for Hair Growth Stimulation - Khadi, made almost from herbal products, has already appeared on my shelf with cosmetics. natural ingredients, and KAMINOMOTO hair grinder flies straight from Japan. I oil my hair on average twice a week, each time with a head massage, for which I use the waterproof edition of my favorite Tangle Teezer brush (pictured above). Every day I use the standard version of the Tangle Teezer brush, because nothing so wonderfully and gently combs my delicate, tangled hair. Such massage stimulates circulation in the scalp, and most importantly it is so pleasant! Wojtek likes her too and sometimes he steals from me! I don't know what this piece of plastic has so magical in it, but we love it! So I have already presented it to my mother and sister - this is my reliable way of proven trifle.

The hardest part, however, was to choose a natural shampoo without SLS, parabens, silicones or mineral oils. And a conditioner for the set. It is impossible to hide, these preparations are quite rare and quite expensive, and I was afraid that I would buy more bubbles, not suited to my type of hair, which will litter my bathroom and pluck my wallet. The more I read, the less I knew, and finding a natural shampoo for thin hair that is very static, so delicate that it is suitable for everyday use, and strong enough to wash the cosmetics for styling was a big difficulty for me. So I decided to go to the Hairdresser, in whose hands I gave myself some year ago, and who has a similar crazy about a healthy lifestyle as our whole family. And what? I couldn't find a better place. She matched my shampoo and mask to my hair, which perfectly matched my requirements: INSIGHT DAILY USE energizing hair shampoo and a mask for the set. We also discussed exactly how to wash my hair (if only once every day) and how to apply a mask (4 cm from the root, hold 5-10 minutes). The shampoo has a large capacity and a bottle with a dispenser and I think I will have at least half a year.

The hairdresser immediately rated KHADI oil as worth trying and thanks to this I have a complete care plan tailored to my hair.